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Top 10 why need a web site

  • Makes you look serious and professional in your business
  • Show your products and services anywhere and anytime
  • Most customers search they need in the internet
  • Customer can easily contact you using chat, call or email found on your website
  • Customer can easily find your business location when they see your google map
  • Customer can easily remember, visit and review again of what you offers
  • Make you more credibility by showing your background, clients and accomplishment
  • Website can be also for individual to show their background and accomplishment
  • Advance website make you get a transaction instantly
  • Your competitors have all these advantages
  • 1. Copy Page
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    Add domain.

  1. Click the Domain in the menu.
  2. Enter your domain name.
  3. Click the Add Domain button to add your domain.

    Add email address.

  1. Click the Emails in the menu.
  2. Enter your Email Address.
  3. Enter your Email Password.
  4. Confirm your Email Password.
  5. Click the Add Email Address button to add Email.

    Add pages

  1. Click the Pages in the Menu
  2. Click Add Page button
  3. Enter Page Name
  4. Drag and drop a code block from the right menu
  5. Click Save to save your created website